Ulike Reviews: Why I Prefer Air3 to Air2

The world of at-home hair removal has seen a surge in innovative devices, making it easier for individuals to achieve smooth, hair-free skin from the comfort of their homes. Ulike, a trusted name in the beauty and skincare industry, offers two popular devices: the Ulike Air3 and Ulike Air2 Hair Removal Handsets. Both promise effective laser hair removal results, but after a thorough comparison and personal experience, I have a preference for the Ulike Air3. In this detailed review, I’ll explain why the Ulike Air3 has won my favor over the Air2.

Understanding the Ulike Air3 and Air2

Before diving into the comparison, let’s briefly introduce both devices:

Ulike Air3: The Ulike Air3 Hair Removal Handset is an advanced at-home laser hair removal device utilizing Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. It offers multiple energy levels, a built-in skin sensor, and a generous treatment window for efficient hair removal.

Ulike Air2: The Ulike Air2 Hair Removal Handset is another at-home laser hair removal device by Ulike, designed to provide accessible and convenient hair removal solutions. It shares several features with the Air3, including adjustable energy levels and a built-in skin sensor.

Why I Prefer Ulike Air3 over Air2

Enhanced Efficiency with Larger Treatment Window

The Ulike Air3 boasts a significantly larger treatment window compared to the Air2. This means that it covers more skin surface with each flash, making treatments faster and more efficient, especially for larger areas like the legs or back. At Ulike blog you can read top hair removal reviews based on user experience in detail.

More Energy Levels for Customization

While both devices offer adjustable energy levels, the Air3 provides a wider range, typically from 1 to 5. This increased customization allows users to select the energy level that precisely matches their skin tone and hair color, enhancing both safety and effectiveness.

Premium Feel and Design

The Ulike Air3 exudes a sense of quality and modernity in its design and build. Its sleek appearance and ergonomic design make it comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver during treatments, providing an overall premium feel.

Comparable Pricing

In many cases, the Ulike Air3 is priced only slightly higher than the Air2, often around $219. Given the additional features and potential efficiency gains, the slightly higher cost is justified for many users. While placing an order on the Ulike store you can get a discount and as well as free of cost shipping and your doorstep.

Built to Last

Both devices are equipped with a substantial number of flashes, usually around 500,000. This ensures that they are built to last, offering years of use before requiring replacement.

Effective Hair Removal

Both the Air3 and Air2 utilize IPL technology, which can deliver effective hair reduction over time with consistent use. However, the enhanced features of the Air3, such as the larger treatment window and additional energy levels, may contribute to more efficient results.


While the Ulike Air2 is a solid choice for at-home hair removal, my preference leans toward the Ulike Air3 due to its enhanced efficiency, larger treatment window, wider range of energy levels for customization, and premium design. The slightly higher price tag is justifiable for the added features and potential for faster, more effective hair removal.

Ultimately, the choice between the Ulike Air3 and Air2 may depend on your budget, specific treatment needs, and design preferences. However, if you’re looking for an efficient and customizable at-home hair removal solution, the Ulike Air3 is certainly worth considering for your grooming routine.


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